The housing challenge is too big to tackle alone.

OneVoice for Housing is a network of advocates who have come together to show Fort Collins the benefits of equitable housing opportunities, and why it’s so important for every member of our community to have a safe and stable home.

What we do:


We build relationships with neighbors, community leaders and policy makers so we may collaborate and push for positive change together.


We share our tools and our knowledge so individuals and organizations are empowered to advocate for homes for everyone.


We turn our voices into action by voting for policies that uphold our mission to make sustainable, affordable, equitable housing for all a reality.

When I found out I was selected for Habitat, I felt just alive. It means I get to put down roots here in Fort Collins, the town that I love. But more than that I wanted to sent an example for my kids. I wanted to show them what’s possible when you have a growth mindset, go after your dreams, work smart and partner with an incredible community. They’ll get to witness firsthand the power of that.

– Kristi, Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity homeowner

OneVoice for Housing Partner Agencies*:

Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity

Kristin Candella
Mara Johnson
Alex Statham-Lardner


Adam Eggleston

Fort Collins Board of REALTORS®

Lee McDowell
Marina Lewallen

Neighbor to Neighbor

Kelly Evans

Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce

Joe Rowan
Ann Hutchison

CARE Housing

Steve Kuehneman

United Way of Larimer County

Joy Sullivan
Rorey King

Housing Catalyst

Julie Brewen
Kristin Fritz

Hartford Homes

Landon Hoover
Patrick McMeekin

9 to 5

Adriana Quintero

The Family Center: La Familia

Patricia Alvarez Rosas

OneVoice for Government Partners*:

City of Fort Collins

Meaghan Overton

Larimer County

Alea Rodriguez

Colorado State University

Audra Montoya-Baker

Downtown Development Authority

Matthew Robenalt

*Not all partners take advocacy positions. Position statements from OneVoice for Housing will list signers by organization.

We have information to share, educational resources unique to our area and others that address the national housing crisis, and we are in a position to create concrete connections between individuals, organizations and services that will help drive our mission forward.

But what we need is you.

We need you to help lead the charge.


Help us speak up for our neighbors.


Help us initiate policies for affordable, attainable housing.


Help us enact measures that will generate vitality and a higher quality of life for all community members.

It’s time to make changes that will bring people home.

Start here.