A New Apartment Thanks to Community Resources

Sherree Sabelle’s Story

by Sherree Sabelle

My family moved to the Denver area when I was five, so I consider Colorado to be my home, as it is all I have ever known. About five years ago, as I was preparing to take gain custody of my grandchildren, I began looking for a new place to live.

I drove all over the state looking for the perfect home – and Fort Collins was the best. It is such a lovely place, and I liked the progressive schools and the variety of housing opportunities with newer developments. I thought it was a great place to raise my grandchildren.

I no longer have my grandchildren living with me, but I have remained in Fort Collins because I love the sense of community here. A while back, I was struggling with conditions at my rental home and needed to find a new place to live. I reached out to Housing Catalyst, and along with Neighbor to Neighbor, they helped me find a new place to live that met my physical needs and was within my means due to a limited income.

While housing costs seem to be on par with market rates in other areas, I don’t believe housing is accessible to everyone. I think for certain populations and for people with barriers, whether they are homeless or don’t have the capabilities or the financial resources, access to housing can be very difficult here and there is a shortage.

I know for me, I could not have accomplished it without everyone’s help – I just don’t have the resources to come up with a huge deposit on a new apartment. Neighbor to Neighbor helped with that. Beyond needing help finding new housing, I also needed help with the move due to a hand injury and surgery. Housing Catalyst, in addition to other community agencies, were instrumental in organizing the necessary help to get me packed, moved and unpacked in my new place.

As for myself, one change I would like to see is more homeownership programs and opportunities for people on limited incomes. This would be a great option for someone like me who wants very much to stay in this community and work towards homeownership.

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It’s important that every member of our community has a safe and stable home.